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Why Get a Roof Inspection?

Getting a roof inspection done is something that you should do in order to keep your roof working at its very best. When a roof says it is supposed to last 20 or more years, then or more part is there because if you take care of your roof you can make that happen. Over time, roofs begin to deteriorate or fall apart. This is just due to weather and time taking its toll from the constant sun rays and the beating of rain and wind. When you get a roof inspection done, a roofing contractor can look at anything that may need to be fixed. If you need a repair, no matter how big or small, it is important to get it done so that it doesn’t get any bigger and cause more problems. While you are taking care of your roof, consider doing your fall plumbing maintenance at the same time. This way your whole house is ready to go.

What They Look For

Man Inspecting Roof

Have Your Roof Inspected Once a Year.

Damage – This could be from hail or your shingles lifting up and coming loose. It is a good idea to get this fixed right away so that there is not a problem down the road.

Wearing – Wearing can happen on your roof and there isn’t much you can do about ti. What you can do is pay attention to it and where it is at to keep an eye and make sure there is no damage later on.

Replacement – A roof inspector will be able to tell you if you need a replacement done or not.

Water Damage – Water damage can be very dangerous to your roof so you will need to make sure that hasn’t happened and that you don’t develop mold.

If you have hail damage in Suwanee, Ga, call SimpliRoofing at (470) 361-2210.

What Can Storm Damage Do To Your Roof?


Roof Damage

Trees Can Cause Serious Damage To Your Roof.

Storm damage is something that is often times unavoidable. There are ways to prepare your roof, but weather is so unpredictable that you never know what could happen during one. Trees fall down, wind blows shingles off, and heavy rain can damage a roof that is old and hasn’t been repaired in a while. Also, If water damage gets bad enough to get inside your home, you will need to contact someone for air conditioning services in Georgia. Making sure that your roof is always ready for anything is the key to keeping your home in good working order at all times. There are so many other things to worry about, don’t make your roof one of them.

Preventing Storm Damage

Tarping – if you already know you have a repair that needs to be done and a storm is coming, you should have your roof tarped off so that no water gets inside and causes water damage.

Roofing Material – There are roofing materials out there that can help you to protect your roof against things like hail. Impact resistant shingles are a good option of hail is common where you live.

Cutting Back Trees – By cutting back large trees from hanging over your roof, you can help prevent them from falling onto your roof during a storm.

Inspection – And inspection will help you to find the repairs that need to be done and get them fixed before a storm even hits.

If you need help preventing storm damage in Suwanee and Atlanta, GA, call us at (470) 361-2210 and we can help you.

Why Do You Need a Roof Inspection?



Call Us For An Inspection!

Having a roof inspection done is part of being a homeowner. By taking care of your roof, it will last you for a lot longer and will not end up costing you more money in the long run. Your roof is very important and is the one thing that stands between you and the outside coming into your home. That is why you need to make sure that you have an inspection done on it so that you will be able to see if you have a roof leak or missing shingles, to name a few. When you have a roof inspection done, the inspector will come to your home and look all around on your roof. They will also be able to look at your gutters, soffit and fascia and see if anything is wrong there as well.

When Should You Have An Inspection Done?

An inspection on your roof should be done once a year. This may seem like a lot to you, but it really isn’t considering that it will save you money in the long run. An inspector will make sure that your roof is in the best shape possible. This will also give you an opportunity to ask them questions and get quotes on roofing projects that you have been thinking about hacking. Getting your roof replaced will cost you thousands, but if you have an inspection done and they repairs are caught in time, it will save you a lot of money and a major headache.

Roof Leaks On Your Home

Roof leaks happen because there is a weakness in your roof somewhere. Whether it is a missing shingle or previous damage that has now allowed water to come in, leaks can cause a lot of problems. The damage that a roof leak can cause not only affects your roof, but it can get into your HVAC system. If this happens, you will not only have a roofing problem on your hands, but you will need to call a plumber to have that fixed as well. Save yourself the time and stress and get an inspection done right away.

Quality Roof Care

We have roofing inspectors that are experts at what they do. Not only do they know what they are doing, but they have many years of experience in it as well. When you need a roofing inspection done in Suwanee and Atlanta, GA, call us at (470) 361-2210 and we will be there for you.

Roof Damage Insurance Claim: 3 Tips for When You File

Roof Damage Insurance Claims

See What Other Expenses Your Policy Covers After a Storm.

Rooftop storm trauma can be irritating, but not quite as irritating as filing a roof damage insurance claim. Choosing which parts of the damage to include, filing the appropriate paperwork, and waiting on the phone can all feel overwhelming. Thankfully, there are ways you can simplify the process and ensure that you get a fair response from your home insurance company. Here’s how!

Claim Tip #1: Get a Professional Inspection First

Pick a roofing company that you trust and have them perform a post-storm inspection before your adjuster before or during your adjuster’s visit. Depending on the extent of the damage, you’ll need to decide if repairs or replacement is the most cost-effective choice for you. You can talk with your roofing expert about what damage is worth filing for and any other trauma that might need to be taken care of outside of your policy.

Claim Tip #2: Gather Your Documentation

Compile all the documentation you can get your hands on. That includes your inspection’s summary report and professional estimate, before and after photos, your adjuster’s report, and anything else you can think of. All of this documentation can help you get the response you’re looking for from your insurance company.

Claim Tip #3: Hold Onto Those Receipts

Not all policies are the same, but some may cover expenses you haven’t even thought about. Any supplies you bought to protect your roof while waiting for repairs, your stay at a nearby hotel during roof work, and other potential costs are sometimes covered by your policy. Check your policy to make sure, but keep those receipts!

For more information about filing a roof damage insurance claim or having your roof repaired after a storm, feel free to talk with one of our company experts at (470) 361-2210.

Architectural vs. 3-Tab Composition Shingles

You often hear the terms architectural, asphalt, and composition shingles. But what are the differences between these types of popular shingles? Asphalt is the cheapest type of roofing material, while 3 tab and architectural shingles are considered premium roofing types because they are are longer-lasting and a little more expensive. So which type of premium shingle is right for you?

3 Tab Composition Shingles

Our Roofers Can Install Your Architectural or 3 Tab Composition Shingles

These shingles lie flat to the roof to provide a clean look to your roof. Composition, also called 3 tab, shingles are three layers of asphalt shingles that create a heavy and durable barrier against the elements. They weigh less than architectural shingles. 3 tab composition shingles used to be the most popular choice among asphalt shingles types, but now are on the decline as they only have a warranty of around 20 to 30 years like regular asphalt shingles.

Architectural Shingles

Also called dimensional or laminate shingles, they give off a 3D appearance on your roof where 3 tab shingles lay flat. Architectural shingles are preferred over composition shingles because architectural shingles can last a minimum of 30 years. They are thicker than 3-tab shingles with low maintenance and come in many shapes and colors. Architectural shingles are heavier than 3 tab composition and asphalt shingles, but can withstand higher winds than 3-tab shingles can. Architectural shingles provide a better resale value on your house as they have more curb appeal.

If you are interested in having architectural or 3 tab composition shingles installed on your roof in Suwanee and Atlanta, GA, call SimpliRoofing today at (470) 361-2210.

Signs You Need Soffit and Fascia Repair

A lot of times people think that the soffit or fascia are only needed for an aesthetic appeal, but they both have a much more important purpose. The soffit offers attic ventilation as well as keeping out outside elements; the fascia is used to support your gutters on the side of your roofing. Because of their functions, it’s important they are in great shape. But like most roofing components, these two will need repair service from time to time. Knowing when you need soffit and fascia repair can help you save your roof and money in the long run. Below are signs you need soffit and fascia repair service.

Gutter Leaks

Signs You Need Soffit and Fascia Repair

Get Soffit and Fascia Repair If You See These Visual Signs.

Because of how close both are from the gutters, they can become susceptible to water damage. Water damage can happen because of leaking gutters, which can cause water damages to the soffit and fascia.

Infestation of Pests or Animals

The soffit is used to keep things out of your roofing system, so when there is damage to the soffit, insects and animals can make their way into your home.

Wood Rot

If the facia of the soffit is made of woof, one sign that you need soffit and fascia repair is if the paint is peeling or you see wood rot. This could be because your gutter is leaking and is causing excess moisture to grown onto the soffit and fascia.

If you think you need soffit or fascia repairs in Suwanee and Atlanta, GA, call SimpliRoofing at (470) 361-2210 to speak with our roofers about making an appointment today.

Spring Roofing Precautions to Consider Now

As the warm air of Spring approaches, so does the threat of severe weather, insect and animal burrowing, and even continuously heavy winds. Ensure that your home is protected all season long with a Spring roof inspection that can keep your roof performing at its best.

Inspect Your Roof for Damage

Your Spring roof inspection should include a check of your roof for signs of damage that can include missing or damaged materials, thinning areas, and even lodged debris or dirt. These signs could, and often do warrant roof care to ensure that no further damage, like leaks, occur, even through heavy rains.

Check Your Secondary Components as Well

While conducting your Spring roof inspection, have a look at your gutters, soffit and fascia, and your flashing. Check for rust, separation, and other clues that may point to underperformance. Also, check for animal and insect intrusion that could lead to hefty nesting damage or infestation. Have any weak, damaged, or aged sections replaced to ensure that your entire roofing system works perfectly throughout the Spring Months.

Landscaping Matters

While those enormous trees make great yard decor, they make awful roof neighbors. To combat problems with your larger than life foliage, trim overhanging branches as well as limbs that are near your roof. This will help prevent falling debris that can cause severe damage during storms as well as gutter clogs that can lead to flooding, corrosion, and foundation issues.

Our professionals are ready to help with any repair or maintenance task you have. We offer comprehensive Spring roof inspection as well as affordable repair options to ensure that your roof is always prepared to fully protect your home. When you need expert roofing service you can count on, call the SimpliRoofing experts at [nw data_field= phone].

Advantages of Installing a Skylight Window

Room With a Skylight Window

Installing a Skylight Window Can Create a Bright, Open Atmosphere in Your Home.

If you want to add a modern accent to your home, you can’t go wrong with a skylight window installation. These windows provide many benefits for your house and can create a unique atmosphere. Unfortunately, if they are not installed correctly, they can cause a variety of problems later on. For expert installation services from a professional roofing company near you, call the office of SimpliRoofing. We are here to help you update your home without the worry of leaks and water damage in the future.

Why Choose a Skylight Window

Not only will installing a skylight provide an updated feel for your house, it will also provide several other benefits. Here are some reasons to consider a skylight window for any room in your house.

They Provide Natural Light
Skylights use the light from the sun to illuminate the rooms in your house. This light is often brighter than the light produced by electric lamps. If you’re trying to lower your utility bills, a skylight window is a great place to start.

They Provide Privacy
Homes in urban areas are being built very close together, which can create privacy concerns. A skylight window in your roof will provide all the light of a regular window and you won’t have to worry about anyone being able to see inside your home.

They Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space
Installing a skylight in a room that is cramped and dark can immediately create the feeling a bright open space. It’s a great way to make a room feel bigger without doing a major construction job.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in installing a skylight window in your home in Suwanee and Atlanta, GA, call (470) 361-2210 to schedule the appointment today.

Advice On Roof Claims

Nothing impacts the health of a roof like the weather. Thunderstorms and winter storms could be destroying your roof and gutters. If you suspect damage, make sure to make a claim immediately and find a good contractor that will help you through the process.

Make sure to choose a contractor that deals with insurance claims.

Dealing With Roof Claims

We wanted to give you several tips to help you navigate an insurance claim.


Find out what your policy covers

Homeowner’s insurance generally cover many different types damaged roofs. For instance, most policies cover hail. However, not all policies are the same. Some policies only cover the depreciated value leaving you with almost nothing on an older roof. Make sure to consult your policy and agent to know exactly what’s covered.


Contact your insurance company

The insurance company needs to send out an adjuster to assess the roof damage. Make sure you call them early, because adjusters get extremely busy, especially after a bad storm.

Find a good roof contractor  

A contractor might find things that you or even the adjusters miss. Even if damage isn’t noticeable, there could be something wrong. Contractors make notes and talk with the adjusters to ensure the problems are fixed.

Take pictures

After the new roof is installed, take pictures periodically to monitor the roof’s condition. The pictures document the before and after for any future claims.

A quality roofer is one of the most important things in dealing with any roofing claim. You want a roofer who’s honest and deals with insurance claims. If you have roof damage, choose the best roofer in Suwanee and Atlanta, GA. SimpliRoofing can install or restore the roof on your house. Call us to find out more information at (470) 361-2210.

Common Winter Roof Concerns

Even the strongest roof is in for a fight in the winter. Wind, cold air, snow, and all those elements that come with the season will be hard on your roof. There are some winter roof concerns of which you want to be aware when the season hits so that you can prepare and get help when you need it.

Icicles and Ice Dams

Snow and Icicles on Roof Edge

We Address Common Winter Roof Concerns.

Icicles may look pretty, but they’re not good for your roof. They usually come with ice dams. When the water on your roof melts, it travels down, as it should. However, if it re-freezes at the edge of your roof, you end up with a heavy ice dam weighing down your roof and causing damage. All that extra moisture on your roof is bad, too.

Attic Moisture

When the warm air in your attic and the cold air outside meet, you get condensation in the attic. This may mean that you don’t have enough insulation in your attic to keep a better balance between the warm and cold air. This can cause moisture buildup in your home, too, and you could be losing that heat from your HVAC system.

Cold Wind

Cold, rough winds may blow this winter, and they will shake up your shingles as they come. If the winds are strong enough, snow, ice, tree limbs, and more may fall and damage your roof. Shingles may fly off and gutters may collapse. Make sure your roofing is strong before the winds come.

If you have winter roof concerns, don’t fret. Call SimpliRoofing at (470) 361-2210. We will address your roof’s issues and help you protect it, as well as repair any damage your roof sustains in Atlanta, GA.