Soffit & Fascia Repair

Soffit and Fascia Repair

Our Roofing Company Offers Soffit and Fascia Repair Service.

The soffit is the component which connects the roof overhang to the side of the home, and typically gets constructed from vinyl or aluminum. The fascia runs horizontally along the lower edge of a roof; it carries the roof gutter and supports the tiles or other roofing materials at the edge of the roof. Despite the fact that owners of residences usually do not invest much attention to the soffit or the fascia, these indispensable pieces of the roof perform an invaluable action. Soffit protects the eaves of your residence from being completely uncovered and the fascia keeps roofing material intact.

Soffit provides a design element for your residence and also defends the rafters from deterioration from insects, rodents. and water. The fascia ensures the gutter stays in place on the roof. Without the soffit and fascia, a one-two punch of rain and wind can whip water into the underside of your roofing. Roofs that benefit from soffit and fascia service will gain longer lifespans. For any necessities with soffit and fascia repair service in Atlanta, GA, give SimpliRoofing a call right away at (470) 361-2210.

Repairing Damaged Soffit and Fascia

Your soffit or fascia can become deteriorated over the years through susceptibility to the weather and pests. As with any pieces of your roofing, infrequent repair or replacement will bring significant benefits to your soffit and fascia. Phone us for soffit and fascia repair service today if you’ve seen any of the following signals.

Repairing Damaged Soffit and Fascia

We Repair Your Damaged Soffit or Fascia.

Brown Stains: These announce a leak from your roof that has started to impact your soffit and fascia. Your roofing’s tar will cause the brownish stains. Of course, you must fix this leak to maintain the state of your roofing. You will additionally need to fix or replace the damaged soffit or fascia, as it will have become open to rot.

Buckling: Another indicator of water wear to your soffit or fascia, buckling takes place when the soffit and fascia material has become regularly soaked with water. This reveals the soffit or fascia is in bad need of changing and can occur due to a roof leak or inoperable gutters. The revealing buckling happens when soffit or fascia delaminates through frequent exposure to water. This will require soffit and fascia repair service.

Leaking Gutters: If you have leaking rain gutters, then chances are your soffit or fascia needs replacement or service. As water pours from holes or separation or backs up due to obstructions, your soffit and fascia can take the punishment. Even though your soffit and fascia guard your roofing against this water damage, the wear it takes will add up over the years.

We Replace Rotting Soffit and Fascia

We Replace Rotting Soffit and Fascia

SimpliRoofing Can Replace and Repair Your Soffit or Fascia.

Soffit and fascia essentially defends your home's roof from moisture, and it also helps protect your roof from pests. However, they can't do all of the heavy lifting, so it is important to watch out for nests close to your roofing, so you can get rid of them quickly. Besides critters, inspect your soffit and fascia for signs of water damage from time to time. To reach our experts and inquire about our soffit and fascia repair in Atlanta, GA, contact us at (470) 361-2210. SimpliRoofing is committed to premium customer service, and outstanding results, so give us a call and enjoy the difference!